From the very beginning, Ades aimed to establish a relationship based on trust and synergy of views and objectives with all its clients. We can provide production services of electronic boards, wiring and switchboards on behalf of third parties. Speed, problem solving and efficiency are our watchwords. We use cutting-edge technology with craftsmanlike precision to carry out each operational phase, from project planning to production and after-sales assistance. Each action is closely intertwined with the other to create a long-lasting and functional finished product of the highest quality.


We support clients in identifying the most suitable solution for their needs. We listen to their demands with attention and professionalism and carry out the analyses and procedures necessary to ensure the good functioning of the electrical system created. The experience gained over the years through collaborations with different companies allows us to guarantee valid support to all our clients.


Ades is not just a supplier, but a fast and competent partner capable of turning customer needs into practical solutions. Our technical department consists of 8 experienced professionals who listen to your ideas and study your request down to the smallest detail. Their goal is to design the best solution through advanced technological tools and according to the agreed times and costs.


Our personnel, properly and constantly trained, has all the necessary equipment to proceed with prototyping. This is a phase of crucial importance to identify possible areas for improvement and is followed by the production, assembly and testing of the components to guarantee the highest quality level.

After-sales service

Our main goal is to ensure that the product works properly. The after-sales service personnel takes care of technical assistance and maintenance, as well as of performing analyses and interventions, to makes sure that the product remains in perfect working conditions even after years.

Electronic boards

Ades has all the resources and technologies necessary to provide comprehensive solutions from small to large volumes with expertise and efficiency. We pay careful attention to each and every step of the production process: design, prototyping, production, assembly and testing. First, we design the layout, print the circuits and solder the components using the most suitable technique (e.g. hand soldering, wave soldering and SMD reflow-oven soldering). Second, we proceed with testing to ensure the smooth functioning and long life of our products. Finally, we complete the product by applying a two-component resin to protect the circuits from water, dust, shocks and vibrations.


We can produce single-core and multi-core cables thanks to a wide range of equipment including computer-controlled cutting machines, integrated cable markers, automatic terminal crimping machines complete with load cells for crimping control, and automatic machines for cable labelling with cable recognition data. We also produce power wiring from 4 mm to 90 mm coated with rubber, PVC and other special materials, with both pre-insulated or bare cable lugs. After crimping and assembly of the most common connectors, all cables can be identified by traditional labelling or by the direct marking on the heatshrink. We assemble power units providing a single piece ready to be assembled on the machine, with the advantages of managing a unique code.


Our services range from the manufacturing of simple automation boards to the design and production of complex management panels for industrial production lines. Starting from the technical specifications provided by the customer, our studio can provide a detailed design that includes the choice of components to be used, a suitable dimensioning and the final realization of the wiring diagram. Being part of an electrical system, each switchboard must be designed and manufactured according to certain criteria. We make sure that each element complies with safety regulations fully to guarantee a comprehensive, efficient and qualified service.

How we work